Frequently asked questions...

Q. Do I need an appointment to visit your shop?

A. As you have probably never done anything like this before, you may need a little guidance therefore it is always better to make an appointment if you are intending to try on any dresses. Help from an experienced member of staff results in greater attention to detail. However if you are simply wanting to browse please feel free to pop in anytime.

How much time do I need to order my dress in time for my wedding?

A. Our main suppliers can turns things round very quickly sometimes within weeks or even days. However, in an ideal world you need to give yourself 6 months, this allows for greater flexibility, peace of mind and ample fitting / alterations time.

What if my wedding is in the next few months, can you cater for short notice?

Yes. Often our suppliers are able to supply us at short notice because they own their own design houses, but this is by no means a guarantee. We almost always have some beautiful ex-sample dresses that can be purchased and taken on the same day.

How do I pay for my dress?

We accept all major debit/credit cards, cheques and cash. You are required to pay a deposit of 50% on ordering your dress. The balance is payable once your dress is ready at the suppliers, awaiting delivery to Special Occasions.

What if I pay a deposit and change my mind ?

This is always a difficult one to answer diplomatically ! Special Occasions are not alone when it comes to this subject, all bridal shops sign a contract with their supplier stating that once an order has been given to the supplier then the bridal shop and their customer are 100% committed to that dress. Therfore, full balance will have to be made by the customer to the bridal shop prior to the orginal wedding date given to the supplier. 

You may be interested to know that once you pay a deposit for any purchase, not just bridal, you, the customer are legally bound by law to pay the balance and take the goods. Because of this commitment to their suppliers, I'm afraid that most bridal shops do not offer a change of mind policy. So please make sure that you are 100% happy before you pay any deposit for anything you buy, especially your wedding dress.

What if my dress needs altering?

A. Once your wedding dress is ready at the suppliers, we will phone you to arrange payment of your balance and confirm an appointment for your first fitting. Fittings take place on a week day only so that we can allocate adequate time for this process. We do not make fitting appointments on a Saturday as the shop can be very busy on that day which can be distracting for both yourself and our seamstress. Special Occassions offers an alteration service for any alteration you may need on your wedding dress. We have highly skilled, qualified seamstresses with over 25 years of experience on hand to offer the best advice and professionally alter your dress to fit perfectly.

During your fist fitting, our in-house seamstress will be able to advise you of the alteration charge. If at this stage you decide not to use our alteration service, you are under no obligation to do so. We have a list of recommended independent alteration specialists that will be happy to alter your dress on a private basis.

Please remember that you will need your wedding shoes and underwear at all fittings. Dress alterations cannot be done without these items.